Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hooray! TV is digital now! ??

I've been considering dropping Dish (our cable provider).  We never watch TV anymore. Lately, I don't even watch CNN/Headline News in the mornings - I watch local for the weather and local events.  The kids don't watch TV unless they have a DVD from Netflix or the library.

But then I checked the reception since the BIG SWITCH TO DIGITAL TV and, yeah, I don't get CW or PBS or KET. It gets black squares and the sound goes out. SO STUPID! I could watch TV with a little snow and slight hiss. This is digital = ON|OFF. It's mostly OFF on a lot of channels I used to get with the old, outdated technology. And, of course, I can just pitch my 2" portable TV I'd use during storms or camping.

So, we just may keep Dish for a while, if for no other reason than to reward them for rescuing us from the stupidity of digital TV.

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RAT said...

Or - was it their idea?! Them and the other "cable" providers.