Sunday, May 31, 2009

We had to check on the bees since a raccoon had been messing with the hive and shoved the entrance excluder way back in there where it could do no good (there is a certain type of hornet that can destroy a hive if they find an easy way in). I noticed it Tuesday but couldn't do much about it. (You are supposed to work the hives in midday). At first I thought the bees must've gotten into some mud - then I figured it out. The raccoon didn't do much else - they must've defended themselves! They do that well! I've gotten stung twice adding sugar water to the feeder! They weren't kidding when they said the Russian hybrids were more aggressive! The other hive is Italian and doing great! The Russian hybrid is doing about like last year's Italian hive - not too impressive. I didn't see much brood. If I could've found the queen, I think I would've removed her and spliced the two together. Looks like I could probably add a honey super to the Italian hive.

Here we are flipping the cover lid. You have to put it in upside down when you install the packages. We never did flip it over. We pulled out some nice honey comb off the top. It was the best honey any of us has ever tasted! Really! I wonder what percentage sugar water it was? They sure eat a lot. They are out of sugar water again after I topped it off this morning. I wonder if the heat had anything to do with it. I'm definitely taking the smoker when I feed them! Part of it may be the type of feeder in the new hive. It is fairly disruptive to add water to. And no more shorts & tank top!! Ha! I got away with that all year last year! I only donned the gear if I popped the top. Lots to learn and it seems most is by experience. This year, I am "leaving them alone". That is only the 3rd time I've open the hive since April 11th. (The date on the camera is wrong. This pic was from today.)
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