Friday, April 26, 2013

Slackware 14 under Xen

I have tried (halfway) to get Slackware to run under Xen (which I run on 32 bit CentOS 5.x).  It never seems to have a working network.  This time, I took a (very) little amount of time to fix this.  Googling resulting only in running Xen on Slackware.  I couldn't find anything on this problem.  I love to load each new distro that comes out but I really enjoy just using Slackware (SLS was my first distro).  So, when Slackware would repeatedly come up without a network interface, I was disappointed and a bit surprised.  If you're having this issue - here one possible fix:   Use a virtual Ethernet and do NOT use the default hypervisor network interface.  Instead, use "ne2k_pci".  I intend to try to get the shared physical interface to work with a real outside address and even test the other options under the virtual Ethernet.  But, this solved my problem.  If anyone else tries these, I'd love the hear the results.