Monday, January 5, 2015

Booting Headless M3000 with XSCF and Wyse 55

The nice thing about Sun/Oracle Solaris Sparc systems is THEY JUST RUN!  It had been a while since I had rebooted the M3000 from a cold powered-off state.  We had some weird power issues over the holidays and lost some equipment and crashed others (despite UPS protection and generator backups).

The system was powered off - nothing but XSCF was on.  I couldn't remember the XSCF password.  I was trying root.  As it turns out, you are forbidden from creating an account called "root" on XSCF (it is one of the many reserved words).  I had to create a new user using the following procedure (thank you, Bikash!):

    login: default
Change the panel mode switch to Locked and press return…
Leave it in that position for at least 5 seconds. Change the panel mode switch to Service, and press return…

I did as directed...

 Create a user andrew

XSCF> adduser andrew
 Change the password for andrew

XSCF> password andrew
New XSCF password:
Retype new XSCF password:
 Grant andrew the following privileges, useradm, platadm, aplatop.

XSCF> setprivileges andrew useradm platadm platop
 After that, I was able to log in as my new user and view the errors.  There were none.

        XSCF> showlogs error 

Other options here: showlogs event, showlogs power, showlogs monitor, showlogs console and fmdump.

What I needed to do was boot.  Again, I struggled to remember the procedure for getting to the boot prompt.  I tried the T2 commands to start a console - no luck.  I tried simply console which got me close.  I needed a domain_id that I did not know.  Then I vaguely remembered something and tried this:

    XSCF>  console -d 0

I answered Y to "Do you really want to start console" and then it did nothing.  You need an extra ENTER here before the boot prompt showed up.  Then I typed "boot" and was finished.

It all seems so straight-forward and mnemonic now.  I don't know what my problem was this morning.  :-)

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