Friday, August 27, 2010

Important ZFS Migration Gotcha

I'm making a note of this.  I am still working on ZFS migration strategies in my spare time.  The snapshots are really important!  I ran a zfs send @snapshot and piped it to a zfs recieve and then had planned on running another zfs send with an incremental.  However, I tried to do this from memory ("You just add an '-i' - right?"  No!)  I got confused and deleted the target snapshot.  This is bad if you want to send an incremental.  Plus- more importantly - I wouldn't have gotten the confusing error if I had send the incremental like this:

    # zfs send -i store/messaging@today store/messaging@L8R ...

I was simply running the first command - "send the snapshot".  You have to say "-i" but you are saying I want an incremental of the earlier snapshot (@today), use the later snapshot (cleverly named @L8R) to create the delta.  Whew!  Glad I caught that in time.  Test systems are good!

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