Friday, May 28, 2010

Kiev gets another new queen

Kiev, my Russian hybrid hive gets another new queen.  They survived the winter, but they were queenless when I checked on them this Spring.  I bought another queen, Italian this time (the Russian bees seemed a bit mean so trying Italian again) and after 4 days, she had not been released from her cage.  I released her and the next week I couldn't find her.  It also looked like a lot of the drones had found their way back from half a kilometer - not as many as before, but too many I fear.  I put the new marked Russian hybrid queen in - this time with clipped wings. They really seems interested in her.  I think they've been queenless long enough that they will take to her quickly.  I hope so. 

Do you like my pastel colored hive bodies?  :-)

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