Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Linux

I've gotten spoiled by Ubuntu.  I think it's a great desktop OS (if you're into Linux).  I was recently using Fedora 11 as a Desktop at home (off of a bootable USBish device).  It's okay - I prefer it for server apps that are designed for Fedora.  I also loaded CentOS in a zone on  Solaris.  It's okay too.  Still - Ubuntu makes a lot of things too easy to pass up.  I've got Karmic Koala at home.  It's fine.  Can't see any difference between that and the 9.04 (whatever fuzzy animal that was named after - Feisty Fawn?)

Anyway, this guy was beating it up. His reasons seem silly. He's probably just trying to get some hits on his web site.

But I ran across this: Hadn't seen Lubuntu before (but noticed Knoppix's been using that desktop for a while). (I'm on Linux-Mag's mailing list since I *had* to see the answer to a forum there the other day).

So anyway, lot's of fanfare about Karmic this week. This guy mentions ArchLinux as an easier alternative to Gentoo. I wondered if anyone had tried it. Then I remembered we had this mailing
list... but it bounced. Maybe we don't have a mailing list anymore...

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