Friday, February 6, 2009

I came across this Google ad in my mail:

So, I gave them my junk mail email address and they started sending me lessons. I started with the flash cards - easy! "I know these!" Then they started presenting them backwards, giving me English and asking for Russian in multiple choice (I think). Neat. "I can do this." Then
came the hard part: Type your answer in Russian. I thought I had it right but left off the soft sign - WRONG! Man! Some of these Russian words are hard to spell! (They give you a little Russian keyboard on the screen). By the time you learn to spell these - you ought to have them down cold!

So I bought it. I haven't used Rosetta Stone but this was a fraction of the cost so I'm going to say it's a pretty good value. You can really manipulate the lessons and they way they are presented. Incidentally, I also recently purchased
Berlitz Ear Worms (I know - ewww!) and moved to my MP3 player. Byki had podcasts too. Tons of them! I was shocked at how many podcasts there were!! They already had a lot more content than most beginner language series. It's an amazing value - and very portable. I wish this was one of those sites I could profit off of sharing ideas like that! :-)

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