Monday, December 1, 2008

Dark Angel - More Cancelled TV shows consume my time

I had lots to do over Thanksgiving break but my Netflix came. It was the 2nd DVD of Dark Angel: Season 1. Watched it pretty quick so then I had to go to the library downtown Saturday. They had disks 3 and 4! -But not 5 and 6. Oh well, that saved some time (on my Netflix queue anyway). Yikes. That's nearly 11 hours! To be fair, a couple episodes were in the early AM before anyone was up and a couple were late. Still, it did eat up a bunch of time.

I tried to make up for it by watching "The Searchers" (John Wayne) with my son who was going to have a book discussion on a similar topic (kids in old west captured by Comanches). I thought it might bring that to life for him. He got bored halfway through and wandered off. Good movie!

Man! I can't wait for Dark Angel: Season 1, disk 5 to come in Netflix. :-)

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